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We come in peace.

You might know a lot of things about our planet, but did you know that cameras don’t work on Mars? The average temperature on our planet is -60°, which makes it very difficult to record any images.

That’s why we moved to Earth.

We love moving images, and from all the planets in the milky way, your civilization spends 76 days, every Earth year, looking at them. That’s a lot of moving images.

Meanwhile, we have been trying to integrate ourselves in your customs. We noticed humans like shiny objects, so we managed to get hold of some shiny Cannes Lions, D&Ad’s and One Shows.

Our telepathic powers know when you need our vision into your projects, but apparently here on Earth that’s unethical. You need to inform us first. So, here’s our contact if you’re in need of someone with a vision out of this world.

Leonor Loureiro

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Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro (Porto, 1993) has been making cinema, advertising, television programmes, music videos and fashion campaigns for 10 years.
She has lived and worked between Lisbon and Porto, and it was in Arroios that she founded a community orientated cultural project, name Corrente.

Leonor belongs to a new generation of multitasking creatives and entrepreneurs. She looks to the world for inspiration and conducts her projects following a do it yourself ethic.



Finalist and one of the Winners of RTP Academy 3.0 2015, RTP 2 - #Hashtag

Best Author Film, Porto Fashion Film Festival 2017 , Genes

Best Brand Film, Porto Fashion Film Festival 2018, Latitid - CÓMO, CUÁNDO, DÓNDE?

Critics Award, Muvi 2018, Antena 3 - Barreiro Rock City

Best Author Director, Porto Fashion Film Festival 2019, Fleurs du Mal

Best Brand Film, Porto Fashion Film Festival 2021, Escapism, Latitid